While most people agree that having a presence at a trade show can be beneficial for businesses in practically all industries, it’s fair to say that a poorly designed trade show booth can do far more harm than good, especially at a high-profile show. At a trade show, your business is only as good as your booth, and if you don’t take the necessary time to design the perfect trade show booth, there’s no way your company will be able to measure up to the competition. Fortunately, designing a trade show booth doesn’t have to be difficult, so long as you take into consideration a few common design tips.

Put simply, a well-designed trade show booth is one that is eye-catching, informative and easy to decipher. This may sound vague, but the fact is that a booth that is designed so that it is easy on the eyes is exactly what attendees will want to spend time looking at. Many businesses clutter their trade show booths with a ridiculous amount of information, making their displays practically illegible. Design is all about balance, and a well-balanced trade show booth is the key to catching someone’s attention.

A variety of different pieces can help to flesh out a trade show booth. While it would be overkill to employ an entire array of different pieces, combining a few of them is one of the best ways to make your booth stand out. Pop up displays are extremely popular today in the trade show industry, and for good reason; not only are they attractive, they provide an excellent vehicle for relaying information to attendees. Building a custom trade show exhibit can really help you to stand out from the competition, which is why many people also make use of custom trade show flooring. Custom flooring gives your booth just the right amount of flavor it needs to stand out.

EVA Displays sells everything your company needs in order to build the perfect trade show booth. Trade shows can be stressful, and getting everything right the first time is a necessity, as there are no second chances. By utilizing the many trade show displays from EVA Displays, you can ensure that your booth will look incredible and will stand out from the surrounding competition.